About ClanFagan.com

A few years ago, Rick Kasparek was attempting to trace his ancestry through his mother (nee Fagan), Rick was able to find his great great grandfather, Thomas J. Fagan, born in Ireland circa 1846. Unfortunately he was unable to bridge the gap between the United States back to Ireland, and so on October 18, 2004, he started ClanFagan.com as a method of sharing what he had found and hopefully, to "gather more Fagans who may be searching for their roots." The website was originally known as "the official, unofficial web site dedicated to the Irish Clan of Fagan.".But is now recognized by Clans of Ireland as the 'official' website of Fagan – Ó Faodhagáin!

Once enough research proved multiple origins of the surname Fagan (Fegan Fagon, etc.), the Association of the Fagan Tribes was born, or in Irish Gaelic "Cumann Treibheanna Fagan" (pronounced: cum-on tray-iv-anna Fagan). Rick has been webmaster and host of the Association since its inception and was honored by being elected as the official 'Taoiseach' (pronounced: tee-shock) or Cheiftain of the Association in June of 2009.

ClanFagan.com has grown from its humble beginnings to over 300 members worldwide and is now recognized by by Clans of Ireland Finte na hÉireann as the official website for Fagan – Ó Faodhagáin!

The Association of the Fagan Tribes, is a perpetual hereditary association of people bearing the surname Fagan (or variations thereof) or individuals interested in the Fagan surname (or variations). The association is a non-profit organization, open to any and all individuals as set out by the Articles of Association, without regard to, race, color, creed, religious affiliation, age or gender.

So who exactly are the Fagans (Feagans, Fagins, etc.)? It seems that research shows that we might come from different origins as explained here.