2012/01/04: Happy New Near!

Happy New Year to all our members! With members from all over the world, looking for ancestry information, or maybe just to find other Fagans, I get very excited to see the growth of this website and of the Association! Our member count has grown to 227!!

I have some tricks up my sleeve for the new year. I am planning on relaunching the site, with a better forum application. (We thought the one we had would work better, but alas - not all new things are good things.) We'll be going back to a more robust technology and I hope to see you all in the forums! It is a members-only forum, so all I ask is that you sign up for membership - it costs nothing. (Those who are already members will be automatically added to the forums.)

I'd like to thank you all for joining with other Fagan 'cousins' to help make this Association a success.