2012/01/28: Help us celebrate having 200+ members!

FTMPlatinum 175x175 tcm23-156161We've gone over the 200 member mark, and to celebrate, we'll be having a drawing in March! The prizes are 2 copies of Family Tree Maker 2012!

The drawing is only open to registered members of the Association with valid mailing addresses (email/snail mail) - so log in and update your profiles before March!

The 'prize':

Nova Development, publisher of Family Tree Maker has graciously donated 2 copies of Family Tree Maker Platinum 2012 for the Association of the Fagan Tribes to use to help celebrate our 200+ members. They stated, "We would be honored to support the Association of the Fagan Tribes and its interest in genealogy".

The Rules:

  1. The drawing will be open to registered members only. The definition of a 'registered member' is an individual who has registered with this website, and has included a valid contact method (valid email address, phone number, and/or mailing address. All Registered Members MUST provide all required information in order to be considered as such)
  2. The drawing will be a random drawing of the Association members and will be held on March 17th 2012.
  3. Member numbers & names will be provided to a third party (see #4). No other contact information will be provided in order to provide anonymity.
  4. The actual drawing will be conducted by RANDOM.ORG's paid "Third Party Draw" service (Random.org is operated by Mads Haahr of the School of Computer Science and Statistics at Trinity College, Dublin in Ireland).
  5. If the 2 drawn members have valid registrations, they will be considered the winners of the two prizes.
  6. If the Association attempts to contact that winner via whatever contact method is provided, and no response is obtained within 15 days, the Association assumes that the contact information is no longer valid and reserves the right and cost to re-generate another winning number.
  7. Members of the Executuve Committe are ineligible for the drawing.

UPDATE - the Drawing of March 17, 2012:

We submitted our members' names and member numbers to RANDOM.ORG and had them perform their Third-Party Draw service to assure a good drawing. The members drawn were:

1st: Patrick Fagan #218
2nd: Dana F. Hall #76

Congratulations! We'll be sending out a request for a mailing address for your Family Tree Maker package! Happy St. Patricks' Day!!!!!!!!

Results can be viewed here by entering the security code and your name (CaSe sensitive) followed by your member number (i.e., Rick Kasparek 1). If you need your member number, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..