Executive Committee

The current Executive Committee is comprised of:

  • Taoiseach (Chieftain/Leader/Chairperson):
    • Jack Fagan
  • Tánaiste (Deputy):
    • Rick (Fagan) Kasparek
  • Treasurer:
    • Rick Kasparek
  • Public Relations Officer:
    • Jack Fagan
  • Association Historian/Genealogist:
    • Rick (Fagan) Kasparek

Become a Member

As stated in the Articles of Association, membership in the Association is open to all individuals who agree to abide by the Articles of Association.

Regular Members incur NO annual membership fees, it is FREE. Individuals with the Fagan surname (or variations) and descendants thereof, are already members of a Fagan Tribe by Right of Heritage, but you must be registered with the Association to be identified as a "Member of the Association of the Fagan Tribes". By becoming a registered member, you will gain access to our forums, and the community there. If you're interested in joining please go to the registration page and fill out our form properly with the required information. Please be sure to give COMPLETE and accurate information information.

Contributing Members are Regular Members who have contributed $25.00 or more to the Association to assist in defraying costs. As a Contributing Member you will receive access to the forums plus a handsome full color Membership Certificate (pdf), indicating your membership level in the Association. If you would like to become a contributing member, simply use the "Contributing Member ($25)" box to the right and contribute $25.00 to the cause with our gratitude! Then go to the registration page and fill out our form completely. Please be sure to give COMPLETE and accurate information.

What information will the Association require?

  • Your REAL name is required
  • a username is required
  • a password you can remember is required (although it can easily be reset)
  • a VALID email address is required (and please keep this updated if it ever changes)
  • your street address is optional, however
  • your city is required (for demographic information)
  • your state or region is required (demographics)
  • your country is required (demographics)
  • postal/zip code is required
  • and your date of birth is required

What do we do with your personal information?

Normally, nothing. It is simply on file in case we should need to contact you regarding any issues with your membership. Once in awhile, we may run elections, contests and/or drawings - in which case, participation is typically restriced to registered members with current and valid contact information. We will NEVER give your information to others without your permission.

Articles of Association

The Association of the Fagan Tribes is a perpetual hereditary association of people bearing the same surname, or having descended from an ancestor with that surname, or any of the variant spellings of the surname Fagan and individuals interested in the Fagan surname (or variations). The association is a non-profit organization, open to any and all individuals as set out in these Articles of Association, without regard to, race, color, creed, religious affiliation, age or gender.

Article 1 - Name of the Association:

The name of this Association shall be The Association of the Fagan Tribes, also known as Cumann Treibheanna Fagan in Irish Gaelic).

Article 2 - Aims and Objectives:

The aims and objectives of the Association are:

  • to promote and foster common interests of the Fagan 'Tribes' at home in Ireland, overseas and around the world;
  • to promote and foster kinship, friendship and camaraderie amongst all 'of the name' and their relatives and descendants;
  • to establish and maintain an Association Office, as a central point for communications for all members throughout the world;
  • to create communications amongst members by collecting, distributing, and publishing information about all aspects of the Association;
  • to research and maintain an archive of materials relating to the Fagan Tribes and their ancestors for the use of Association members, including conducting, promoting or assisting research work into Fagan Tribe and/or Clan History;
  • to develop and maintain a library and database for the use of Association members in tracing their ancestry and family history;
  • to identify, mark, and preserve the historical and archaeological sites, treasures, and events relating to the clan, including graves, castles, ancient sites and residences of ancestors as appropriate;
  • to create communication with the public, industry and governments, to inform and educate the same about the history, culture and traditions of the Fagan Tribes.

Article 3 - Officers:

The Officers of the Association are the Executive Committee and should be elected from the membership.

  • Taoiseach (Leader/Chairperson/President): The Taoiseach shall be the presiding officer of the Executive Committee. In the absence of the Taoiseach, the Vice-Chairperson shall preside over the meeting. (Taoiseach is an old Irish title meaning Chieftain or Leader. The word is pronounced "Tee-shoch" as in "loch")
  • Tánaiste (Deputy/VicePresident): The Tánaiste (pronounced "Taw-nish-tah") is the 'heir presumptive'; second in command; or deputy and shall be responsible for the keeping of Association membership records, notifying the membership and recording minutes of all meetings. The Tánaiste office shall be the communication and coordination center for the Association, shall prepare and present a summary of Association activities at the Annual Meeting. Ainmníonn an Taoiseach an Tánaiste. (pronounced "AN-uhm-nee-uhn uhn TEE-shuhkhuhn TAW-nish-chuh") means The Taoiseach names the Tánaiste.
  • Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection, distribution and accounting of the Association funds and shall prepare and present a full account summary at the Annual Meeting.
  • Association Historian/Genealogist: The Association Genealogists shall be responsible for the creation and maintenance of Family History records and assist members in tracing their ancestry.

The Executive Committee shall consist of the above Officers/Roles at a minimum.

Article 4 - Taoiseach:

In some cases an "of-the-name" Taoiseach will be available to serve as Chieftain. The majority of the members will elect the Taoiseach (Association Chairperson/Chief). All registered members are invited to nominate persons for the office of Chairperson. Only registered members may vote in election. Term of Office will be five (5) years.

Article 5 - Membership:

Membership in the Association shall be open to all individuals who agree to abide by these Articles of Association. There will be NO annual membership fees for Regular Members. Individuals with the Fagan surname (or variations) and descendants thereof, are already members of a Fagan Tribe by right of heritage, but must be registered with the Association to be identified as Members of the Association of the Fagan Tribes. Membership is defined as an individual Registered member. All Registered Members MUST provide mailing addresses in order to be considered as such. Each Registered Member shall have one (1) vote. Registered Members are life members. All members will have full rights and privileges. All members of good standing (i.e., current mailing addresses and in regular communication) may seek election to the Executive Committee.

  • Contributing Members are Regular Members who have contributed $25.00 or more to the Association to assist in defraying costs. Contributing Members will receive a handsome certificate (pdf) for framing, as well as the gratitude of the Executive Committee.

Article 6 - Meetings:

  • All meetings will be established by the Executive Committee.
  • All Executive Officers and Committees shall be determined as necessary at the Annual Meeting.
  • All Registered Members may seek nomination to Executive committee and nomination must reach the Tánaiste at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting to enable postal or proxy votes to be requested.
  • Only Registered Members may vote.
  • All nominations, motions, resolutions, and/or other business to be acted upon, must be submitted to the Tánaiste at least 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting, to be prepared in an agenda. Any item of business submitted must include name and signature of a Registered Member.
  • Any proposed changes to the Articles of Association must be submitted for consideration and can only be voted on at the Annual Meeting.
  • Executive Committee meetings may be held at other times at the direction of Taoiseach.

Article 7 - Voting:

  • All Registered Members are entitled to a single vote on each item of business brought before the annual meeting and all matters submitted to the membership for vote by postal ballot.
  • Postal and proxy votes will be accepted if submitted in writing 14 days prior to meeting.
  • Voting for the Office of Taoiseach will be by ballot of Registered Members.
  • All motions, resolutions, referenda and/or other items of business properly submitted for the agenda will require a simple majority vote to pass.
  • Voting may be by a show of hands/ballots.

Article 8 - Liability:

It is expressly agreed and understood that all Officers and Registered Members belonging to, working for and assisting the Association in achieving it's goals and purposes, will make personal decisions and judgments that may, in hindsight, be detrimental to the interests of the Association or individual members. It is a specific condition of membership that no member at any time, or for any reason whatsoever, shall hold any appointed or elected office of the Association, member of any committee, or volunteer assisting the Association, liable for any good faith action taken, except where:

  1. Such action involved the commitment of a crime.
  2. Where such action was taken to expressly cause damage to the reputation or property of the Association or its members.
  3. Where an individual having custody of the property of the Association fails to deliver such property when directed by the Executive Committee.

Article 9 - Association Property:

All property, purchased, produced, or gifted shall be the property of the Association. In the event the Association ceases to exist, all funds, property, and assets will be assigned, at the discretion of the Executive committee, to the Association of the Fagan Tribes for the promotion and advancement of goals of the said organization.

Signed by:
Rick (Fagan) Kasparek
Taoiseach, Cumann Treibheanna Fagan

Association Information

I've been asked, "Why do you place so much information on this website for free?" It's because we, as individuals with the Fagan surname (or variations) and are already members of a Fagan Tribe by Right of Heritage. This is our information. Why not share it? The information I have here is for the most part, already in the public domain--I've merely attempted to collect it in one spot (which I'll admit is an ongoing task).

Membership in the Association merely gives you access to other members and their shared knowledge (as well as other benefits).

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