Snippets from "Calendar of ancient records of Dublin"

From Calendar of ancient records of Dublin,in the possession of the municipal corporation of that city. by Dublin,J. Dollard; Dublin (Ireland); Gilbert, John Thomas, Sir, 1829-1898 editor; Gilbert, Rosa M. (Mulholland), 1841-1921; Weldrick, John Francis Vol 2

  • 1565.
    • Mayor : Nicholas Fitzsimon. Sheriffs : Christopher Fagan, John Whytt.
  • 1566. Fourth Friday after 24 June
    • [4.] It is agreed that Richard Fagan of Dublin, merchaunt, shal have lease of Clonturke for xxxi yeres, paieng to the fermors of Allhalowes, duringe ther intreste, such rentes as he doth nowe beare by his lease from Mr. Challoner, lat alderman, and yielding to the same fermors the [w]hole arrerages of the same rentes unpayed by him hetherto, and shall pay to the treasurie of this cyttie yerlie duringe the said xxxi. yeres cl.s. over and abowe the rentes reserved by Mr. Challoners lease made to him of the said Clonturke.
  • 1567. Fourth Friday after Easter.
    • [5.] Christopher Fagane is elected alderman in place of John Money, deceased.
  • 1573. Fourth Friday after 29 September.
    • Mayor: Christopher Fagan. Sheriffs: John Coyne, Patrick Browne.
  • 1574. Fourth Friday after Easter.
    • [13.] Wheare[as] Richarde Fagane, of Dublin, merchant, have purchased the lease graunted by the cittie to Walter White, of Dublin, mariner, upon the house bewest Isoldes towre, which he have cancelled in this assemblie, and haith the same lease made in the saide Richardes name for the resydue of the yeres unspent in the saide fyrst lease under the commen seale of this cittie, according to the teanor of the saide fyrst lease. Signed : Christofer Fagane, Maior ;... [etc.]
  • 1574. Fourth Friday after 24 June.
    • [9.] Lists Richard Fagan as merchant, and Cristofer Fagan as 'Maior'.
  • 1575. Fourth Friday after 29 September shows "Mayor: Patrick Goghe. Sheriffs; William barnewall, Richard Fagan.
  • 1576. Fourth Friday after Easter. [22 April 1576]
    • Admitted to franchise, on having served apprenticeship:—Wilfram Barnewall, Lucas Bath, James Eustace, Richard Taylor, Gerald Fagan, merchants;... [etc.]
  • 1576. Fourth Friday after 24 June.
    • [1.] That forasmuche as ther is no present store of tresure in the thresure house of this cittie to beare the costes and chardges in prosecutinge the lawes in the behalfe of this cittie agaynst those forrens that by collor of pretended places of pryveledges, as well within this cittie as otherwhere neare adioyning therunto, do greatlie anoye thenhabitauntes of the said cittie, that the somme of fiftie poundes, sterlinge current monney of Englond, ahsll be assessed upon the several corporacions of this sittie, according the auncient mode, and the same to be putte into the custodie of Mr. Christofer Sedgrawe and Mr. Christofer Fagan, aldermen, to be by theme disborste, as occasion shall serve, for the defence of the said frauncheses; and if the said som shall not suffice for the purpose as aforsaid, then so muche more to be chardged and sessed in lick manner as aforsaid, and that Mr. Patrick Goghe, nowe Maior, Mr. Richard Rownsaile and Mr. Nicholas Ball, aldermen, shall prosecut the lawe in mayntenaunce of the frencheses and liberties of this cittie as afforsaid, calling unto theme John Penteny, Robert Sheile, showmaker, Denis Saye, taylor, and William Browne, baker, to assesse and assyst theme from tyme to tyme in the premisses, as occasion shall serve.
  • 1577. Fourth friday after 29 September.
    • Lists "Masters of works : Richard Fagane, Edward Whytt."
  • 1585. Fourth Friday after 29 September.
    • Admitted to franchise, on having served apprenticeship: Walter Wyrall, Simon Browne, merchants, Richard Galvin, glover, John Pluncket, Richard Slattry, tanners, Patrick Harrese, butcher, John Lorcan, Richard Flyn, tailors. As sons of freemen : William Kevein, John Fagan. On payment of fine : Nicholas Breyford, tallow-chandler.
  • 1587. Fourth Friday after 29 September.
    • Mayor: Richard Fagan. Sheriffs: Nicholas Weston, Michael Chamberlen.
  • 1591-2. Fourth Friday after 25 December 1591.
    • Admitted to Franchise, on having served apprenticeship: Richard Brangan, Richard Kenning, William Pursel, Patrick Stanly, merchants, Walter leman, baker, Edmons Enose, Thomas Harreson, tailors, Thomas Shryve, pewterer, William Knolls, sherman, James Bowdwyn, smith, William Swan, shoemaker, Walter Fyn, glover. As son of freeman : Richard Fagan... [etc.]

From Calendar of ancient records of Dublin,in the possession of the municipal corporation of that city. by Dublin,J. Dollard; Dublin (Ireland); Gilbert, John Thomas, Sir, 1829-1898 editor; Gilbert, Rosa M. (Mulholland), 1841-1921; Weldrick, John Francis

  • 1610-11. Second Friday after Easter.
    • [11.] Elected for the ensuing year:--Mayor: Thomas Buyshoppe; Sheriffs : John Fagan, Richard Brice.
  • 1611. Sixth Friday after 24 June.
    • [3.] Wheareas John Fagan, of Feltrim, gentleman, hath been an humble peticioner unto the said assembly, declaring that wheare[as] he hath been lately ellected one of the Sheriffs of this cittie for the nexte yeare; and in respect of divers reasons mooved in his peticion, and made knowen in the said assembly, desired to be discharged from undergoeing the said office uppon some reasonable fyne : it is therefore ordered and agreed, by the said aucthoryties, that the said John Fagan shalbe discharged for ever of being Sherriffe for the fyne of one hundred poundes, sterling, current mony in England, in manner and forme following videlicet, tenn poundes, sterling, by this daie sevenight, fortie poundes, sterling, by this daie moneth, and thother fyftie poundes, sterling, by Allhallonday next ; for performance of which paiementes Mr. Walter Sedgrave hath passed his bond unto Mr. Fraunces Taylor, alderman, for thuse of the cittie ; which mony is to be disbursed to the said Mr. Taylor in the behalfe of the citty for making a substantial plottforme, coverid with lead, over the Tholsell, which is to be done forthwith, in respect the rooffe and walles therof is much ruynated and decaied.
    • [4.] It is further agreed, by the said aucthoritie, forasmuch as John Fagan is dismissed from thoffice of one of the Sheryfes of this citty for this nexte yeare, for meny good and lawfull causes consydered of in this assembly, that therefore Mr. Richard Rice, pewterer, shall supply and undergoe the said office of place of one of the Sherryfes of this cittye for this nexte yeare in stedd and place of the said Mr. John Fagan, latelye elected."
  • 1611-12. Fourth Friday after December, 1611.
    • [11.] Wheareas John Fagan, gentleman, hath been an humble peticioner unto this assembly, requiring to be dismissed of his freedom, and som parte of the fyne imposed uppon him for not undergoeing thoffice of Sherrive : it is therefore ordered and agreed, by the said aucthoretie, that he shalbe from hensfoorth discharged of all offices in this citty, paieing three poundes, sterling, which was a cesse owing by his father over and besydes the hundreth poundes for the peticioners fyne of Sherryvalty, and that he shall continue his freedome and have the benefitt thereof.
  • 1617. Second Friday after Easter.
      Admitted to franchise, on having served apprenticeships : Caleb Crewe, William Warren, merchants, Simon Thunder, tailor, John Hunter, baker, Simon Carroll, helier, Robert Ewstace, James Couran, joiners, John Fagan, cooper, Robert Faning, smith.
  • 1626. Second Friday after Easter.
    • Admission to franchise:—By special grace and fine: Henry Walsh, clothier. Admitted on having served apprenticeships: Richard FitzHarries, Thomas Fagan, Redmond Archbold, Thomas Purcell, merchants,...[etc.]
  • 1636-7. Fourth Friday after 25 December, 1636.
    • Admissions to franchise :—By special grace, and on a fine pair of gloves to the Mayor's wife: Elinora Bellew, maiden. By special grace, and on fine : Richard Stone, chandler. Admitted, on having served apprenticeships: Laurence Hollywoode, Nicholas Locke, James Lynam, Matthew Teelinge, Richard Hill, merchants, Gerrald Dalton, tailor, John Fagan, cook, James Saer, Christopher Gentleman, Nicholas Jacob, bakers, Patrick Moore, shoemaker.

From Calendar of ancient records of Dublin,in the possession of the municipal corporation of that Dublin, J. Dollard; Dublin (Ireland); Gilbert, John Thomas, Sir, 1829-1898 editor; Gilbert, Rosa M. (Mulholland), 1841-1921; Weldrick, John Francis
Vol XI

  • 1768. January 22--Fourth Friday after the 25th of Secember, 1767.
    • [19.] James Fagan, prisoner in Newgate, setting forth, that he was tried and found guilty of a riot and assault, and ordered by the court to be six month confined, to be whipt twice, which punishment he had suffered and also fined the sum of £20, which he is unable to pay, and prayed that the said fine might be reduced.
    • Whereupon it was ordered, that the above fine of £20, be reduced to sixpence.

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