Fagans of Feltrim

(What follows is an excerpt from A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland: Enjoying Territoral Possessions or High Offical Rank ; but Uninvested with Heritable Honours. By John Burke, Published 1838, Henry Colburn, 805 pages, Original from Oxford University)

...a copy of which can be viewed via Google. Since it is in the public domain, I felt it was safe to provide a partial copy here.

FAGAN, WILLIAM, esq. of Cork, chief in Ireland, of the ancient family of Fagan of Feltrim, m. in 1827, Mary, daughter of Charles Addis, esq. of Westminster, and had issue.


   PATRICK O'HAGAN, alias Fagan, second son of John O'Hagan, Baron of Tullagh-Og in Tyrone, by Catherine, his wife, daughter of Hugh Mac Mahon, Baron of Furney, and second brother of Bryan More Mac Mahon, Dynast of Monagan, accompanied his father in 1180, in his expedition at the head of the forces of Tyrone, to the assistance of O'Melaghlin, Prince of Meath, in order to repel the encroachments of the English settlers in his principality. So soon as the object of the expedition was fulfilled, the troops returned to their respective homes; but Patrick O'Hagan remained in Meath, where he married Dorthea, daughter of Cormac or Charles O'Melaghlin, son to the last reigning Prince of that name, and aquired her large territory, which was confirmed to him later by charter in 1210, by Walter deLacy, lord of Meath, in obedience to the command of King John, then in Ireland. From that period Patrick assumed the English costume, and the English name, and served his lord paramount with attachment and fidelity. In 1233, he accompanied William deLacy on an incursion into O'Reilly's country, bordering on the province of Meath, and was slain with William deLacy, and others of the English and Irish cheifs. His son,
   JOHN FAGAN, of Derry Fagan, Faganston, Monrath, &c. in Meath, also supported the English interest until his death in 1248. He m. Ann, daughter of Sir Alexander Plunkett, knt. and was father of
   PATRICK FAGAN, of Derry Fagan, Faganston, Monrath, &c. who m. Susanna, daughter of Sir John Barnewell, knt. of Crickstown, and dying in 1274 was s. by his son,
   RICHARD FAGAN, of Derry Fagan, Faganston, Monrath, &c. who got a librate of 20 marks upon the treasury of Ireland, in consideration of his good services against O'Reilly and Birmingham, and in 1343, a further grant of the lands forfeited by his father-in-law, Sir Hugo de Lacy. He m. Margaret, daughter of the said Hugo de Lacy, and dies in 1348, leaving a son and successor,
   JOHN FAGAN, of Derry Fagan, Faganston, &c. constituted high sheriff of the liberties of Meath by letters patent, dated 32 Edward III. and governor of the castle of Trim for life, in the 47th of the same reign. He m. Ann, daughter of Hugh Mac Canna, baron of Trucha, in the county of Monaghan, and was s. by his son,
   SIR HUGH FAGAN, knt. of Derry Fagan, Faganston &c. who, with his son and heir John Fagan, then of full age, attended the court of Richard II. in Dublin, in 1399, and did homage, surrendering all their lordships, but the King not only gave them a new grant of the possessions to hold them from the crown of England by knights services and fealty, but also created them knights. Sir Hugh m. Eleanora, daughter of Sir Robert Tuite, knt and was father of
   SIR JOHN FAGAN, knt. of Derry Fagan, Faganston &c. constituted high sheriff of the liberties of Meath by letters patent in 1423. He m. More or Morelin, daughter of James White, by Margaret his wife, daughter of Conn O'Neill, and was s. by his son
   RICHARD FAGAN, esq. of Derry Fagan, high sheriff of the liberties of Meath in 1457. This gentleman, in liquidation of the great disbursements made by him in the king's service, obtained in 1438, a librate of 20 marks on the treasury of Ireland. He m. Cecily daughter, of Sir Roland Fitz Eustace, knt. baron Porchester, and had a son and successor
   CHRISTOPHER FAGAN, esq. of Derry Fagan, Faganston, Monrath, &c. who m. Catherine, daughter of James Fitzgerald, third son of Thomas, seventh Earl of Kildare, and had issue, RICHARD, Thomas, Hugh, James, and John. Christopher Fagan, taking part in the insurrection of Perkin Warbeck was attained, and his lands granted to Aylmer of Lyons, to Barnewalls, and others. He fell at the seige of Carlow in 1494, together with four of his sons. His youngest child however, John Fagan, escaped the slaughter and fled to the city of Cork, then holding out in the most formidable manner for Perkin. His deluded zeal for the cause he espoused was such, that he gotthe title Archrebel from the English writers of the history of the times.

The eldest son of Christopher,
   RICHARD FAGAN, esq. m. Anastasia, dau. of John Rochford, esq. of Killadown, in Meath, and of Carrick in the county of Kilkenny, and was father of,
   THOMAS FAGAN, esq. of Dublin, who was left, in 1494, and infant at his mother's breast, and brought by her, in the calamity of the times, to Dublin to her father's house, where special care was taken of the orphan, and Mr. Rochford providing for his education, eventually made ample provision for him. He married in 1524, Amy Nagle, daughter of the Baron of Navan, with whom he acquired considerable estates in the city and county of Dublin, as well as in the counties of Meath, Wexford and Sligo, as appears by the several grants and pardons of alienation made thereof to his male descendants by James I. Charles I. and Charles II. styled for him from Feltrim in the said county. He left two sons,

I. CHRISTOPHER, high sheriff of the county and city of Dublin in 1565, and lord mayor in 1573. He m.Joan, daughter of Sir James Fitz Simonds, knt. also lord mayor of Dublin, and had one son, and seven daughters, viz.
THOMAS, of Castle Fagan and Palmerston, in the county of Dublin, who bequeathed by his will, tested 10th of July 1599, all his estate real and personal to his only child,
Elinor, m. to her cousin RICHARD FAGAN, esq.
Margaret, m. to James Sherlock, esq. of Butler's town, in the county of Waterford.
Catherine, m. to Matthew Hancock, esq. lord mayor of Dublin.
Alisona, m. to Martin Hussey, esq.
Cecily, m. to D'Arcy of Platten.
Joan, m. to Walter Segrave, esq. son and heir to Christopher Segrave, lord mayor of Dublin.
Mary, m. to Thomas Nangle, Baron of Navan.
Mable, d. unmarried.
II. RICHARD, of whose descendants we have to treat.

The second son, ...

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