Become a Member

As stated in the Articles of Association, membership in the Association is open to all individuals who agree to abide by the Articles of Association.

Regular Members incur NO annual membership fees, it is FREE. Individuals with the Fagan surname (or variations) and descendants thereof, are already members of a Fagan Tribe by Right of Heritage, but you must be registered with the Association to be identified as a "Member of the Association of the Fagan Tribes". By becoming a registered member, you will gain access to our forums, and the community there. If you're interested in joining please go to the registration page and fill out our form properly with the required information. Please be sure to give COMPLETE and accurate information information.

Contributing Members are Regular Members who have contributed $25.00 or more to the Association to assist in defraying costs. As a Contributing Member you will receive access to the forums plus a handsome full color Membership Certificate (pdf), indicating your membership level in the Association. If you would like to become a contributing member, simply use the "Contributing Member ($25)" box to the right and contribute $25.00 to the cause with our gratitude! Then go to the registration page and fill out our form completely. Please be sure to give COMPLETE and accurate information.

What information will the Association require?

  • Your REAL name is required
  • a username is required
  • a password you can remember is required (although it can easily be reset)
  • a VALID email address is required (and please keep this updated if it ever changes)
  • your street address is optional, however
  • your city is required (for demographic information)
  • your state or region is required (demographics)
  • your country is required (demographics)
  • postal/zip code is required
  • and your date of birth is required

What do we do with your personal information?

Normally, nothing. It is simply on file in case we should need to contact you regarding any issues with your membership. Once in awhile, we may run elections, contests and/or drawings - in which case, participation is typically restriced to registered members with current and valid contact information. We will NEVER give your information to others without your permission.